“Momma bear” got sick and tired of watching her daughter living in fear of her fellow students at a Laguna Niguel middle school in California and took matters into her own hands after the school wasn’t stopping the bullying. Instead of the school using her surprise visit as a way to improve upon what they’re doing to prevent and stop bullying innocent students, they banned the mom from the middle school.

On Tuesday morning, after being fed up with her daughter being bullied, the mother of the teenage girl, Christian Tinsley, walked into her daughter’s classroom morning and threatened the students she said were bullying her daughter.

6ABC reported on the heartbreaking situation.

“Sisters, aunts – I’ll f ’em all up. Leave my daughter alone. If I have to go to every class I’ll do that,” she told the class.

Christian Tinsley says for months her daughter reported several boys repeatedly bullied her.

She says when the school told the boys to stop, the bullying got worse.

In the classroom, on social media, and on her walk home. Her daughter even reported one boy sexually harassed her. The school investigated it and suspended him after interviewing witnesses. That’s when things got even worse.

On Tuesday as Tinsley dropped her daughter off for school she started crying and begged to stay in the car.

“Then she made a comment to me that if she wasn’t as strong as she was, she would have killed herself. That’s when mama bear mode went into effect,” Tindley said.

Tinsley says after the school recommended she not speak to the bullies or their parents herself, she took matters into her own hands.

She knew the school would likely ban her. But it wasn’t the school she was thinking of.

“Sometimes if you’ve done everything that you can do, the way that you’re supposed to do it, and it hasn’t been resolved, then sometimes you have to decide if you’re willing to go a step further and deal with any consequences. And I was prepared for that because my daughter is number one,” she said.

One parent says he agrees.

“I’m certain that wasn’t her first step of trying to get this dealt with. I’m sure she talked to people and no one was taking care of business, and a mother or a father is gonna do what they need to do to protect their child,” he said.


In a statement to families, Niguel Hills Middle School Principal Tim Reece said:

“When a parent or student shares concerns about bullying or harassment with administration, teachers, or staff, they are immediately investigated at our school site and both students and their parents are contacted.”

Here’s the ticket the mother allegedly passed out to the students. It read: Free Ass Kicking. Must be 18 or older to redeem. TICKET.

Do you agree with the mother’s decision to put the students on notice? Should the school have done more to help the student? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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