It’s the latest thing…self-hating whites spewing psycho babble and false history to further their agenda. It’s the ultimate form of racism. This guy should be fired ASAP!

“What is whiteness? Everybody seems to be having a problem with this idea” says Portland Community College librarian Max Macias during “whiteness history month”. “Whiteness is a concept that European people and culture are more important than anything or anyone else… This colonial system is created for and by Europeans for the benefit of Europeans. Everything was and is in relation to the European. This is a hallmark of the concept of whiteness. That everything is judged in relation to whiteness, and not something else.”

“The racial heirarchy in combination with the destruction of these indigenous cultures by book burning, destroying cultural monumnents, and using them to build churches. To build churches, right? That’s WHITENESS right there” says Max Macias, a librarian at Portland Community College, as part of the educational institute’s “whiteness history month”. He continues “As a matter of fact, when you look at a lot of these so called ‘illegal aliens’, they’re Indians. You can see in their faces. They have the right to migrate anywhere they want in their country. Not immigrate or emigrate, migrate. It’s their continent. How DARE somebody from somewhere else come and say that they don’t belong here, that WE don’t belong here, right?”

This nut job concludes that whiteness is fluid…Unreal!



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