It looks like the only thing that’s changed since Hillary’s epic failure as a presidential candidate is her hairstyle. She still has someone assisting her wherever she walks. Even on a flat surface with no visible obstructions, Hillary appears to need someone close by, as though there’s a constant concern for her safety. So what gives? When will Hillary finally come clean and tell the truth about why she can’t be left alone to walk 10 feet? 

A producer at the Women in the World event had an awkward moment on Thursday night when he was caught in the spotlight while leading Hillary Clinton onto the stage.

The backstage producer could be seen with his hand on Clinton’s back leading her onto the stage and pointing her in which direction to walk to get to her position.

Hillary gingerly walking across the stage to greet Samantha Bee, who introduced her, letting out a hearty cackle while successfully negotiating the riser.

Moments later, Clinton conquered a single step like a pro before taking a seat.

Ummm…Sorry Samantha Bee, but we’re not seeing the Beyoncé connection.

American Mirror

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