The Clinton klan waited about two seconds before taking full advantage of the news that Chelsea’s expecting her second child. In a blatant effort to capitalize on the news, the Clintons took a very awkward and very staged stroll around Manhattan. The ill-advised effort by Hillary to try and look casual produced a make-up free freak show complete with a garish coat she bought in 2003 in Afghanistan. Yikes!

2FA43BAD00000578-3375890-image-a-44_1451269329879 The fluff piece below from The Daily Mail is promoting this blatant effort to milk Chelsea’s pregnancy for all it’s worth:

Pregnant Chelsea Clinton has been spotted out on a festive stroll with her husband, daughter and parents Hillary and Bill as they enjoyed some family time together.

The Clintons looked to be in high spirits following the news that Chelsea is expecting a second child, with the family smiling and waving at passers-by during their walk through Manhattan on Sunday.
Chelsea, who grinned as she pushed along one-year-old Charlotte in a buggy, hid any signs of a baby bump with a long, gray coat and orange scarf.
Her jacket was outdone by her mother, who sported a vibrant coat she bought in Afghanistan in 2003 which was embroidered with flowers.

Chelsea, 35, and her investment banker husband of five years Marc Mezvinsky took turns in charge of the stroller on the festive wander around Midtown Manhattan, where they visited a book store and also stopped for an ice cream.
Her mother, the former Secretary of State, looked to be enjoying a rare day off from campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.


But she was obviously not hoping to avoid the limelight in her vibrant coat, which she was worn on numerous occasions since buying it in Afghanistan 12 years ago – including on a visit to Kabul in 2009. ‘Thx! I bought the coat in Kabul in 03 and thought it should get a chance to go home for a visit,’ she wrote to an aide who complimented the outfit after Hillary wore it on a visit to the city in 2009.

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