You And I Have Rendezvous With Destiny

Actor Jim Caviezel Delivers Speech at Liberty University

Actor Jim Caviezel gives a rousing speech at Liberty University using excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s famous “A Time For Choosing” speech.

Caviezel, who is probably most famous for playing Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, was speaking at Liberty University recently.  During the speech, Caviezel discussed the obvious analogs between the Cold War tensions of 1964 and the situation in which America finds itself, today:

“Our leaders collaborated with evil.  They trumped up this word called Détente: the coexistence of communism and capitalism.  Yet, freedom was losing.  We were losing our liberty.  We were losing.”


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Caviezel went on to affect a rather convincing Reagan voice for a moment when he paraphrased Reagan’s 1964 speech on the matter prior to being elected governor of California:

“Détente” isn’t that what a farm does to his turkey all year long until Thanksgiving day?   What do we say to our brothers and sisters now caught behind the iron curtain? Give up your dreams of freedom now because we are just too willing to make a deal with your slave masters?”  It became difficult to know where Reagan ended and Caviezel began:

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“We are just too willing to make a deal…[But]there is a point beyond which evil must not advance.”

Caviezel, in reiterating what are possibly Reagan’s most powerful lines, ended by stating:

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid…You and I have a rendezvous with destiny”


For Americans in 2021, that rendezvous is literally on January 6th 2021 in Washington DC.  It will be a pivotal peaceful stand for Western ideals and principles against a great global authoritarian reset by invasive technology companies, international corporations, and China.


Readers should watch and preserve the unabridged Reagan speech, below.  It could easily have been written today with very few adjustments.  It will one day, likely be removed from Youtube due to censorship, so download it if you can.

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