Earlier this week, Democratic Senate nominee Katie Hobbs’s campaign office was broken in to.

The Arizona Democratic Party and Hobbs campaign immediately attempted to blame her opponent, Republican nominee Kari Lake for the break-in.

“Make no mistake — this is a direct result of Kari Lake, and fringe Republicans spreading lies and hate and inciting violence — and it is despicable,” The Arizona Democratic Party said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hobbs also claimed that Lake shared some of the blame for the break-in, saying that her campaign played a role by “spreading dangerous misinformation and inciting threats against anyone they see fit.”

On Thursday, Lake hosted a press conference where she took Hobbs, the Arizona Democratic Party, and the media to task for falsely claiming that she played a role in the break-in.

The culprit, Daniel Mota Dos Reis, aged 36, was already in jail for another non-political break-in that happened days earlier, indicating that he did not have political motives.

“My desperate opponent, who is sinking like a lead weight in water, pulled a stunt, and you guys fell for it. She put out a defamatory statement, and you all ran with it. You didn’t do your journalistic duty. It was malpractice of journalism that I’ve never seen before,” Lake said during the press conference.

“It was an effort, I believe, to influence this election. Many of you are an arm of the Democrat Party, many of you are propagandists, and you should be ashamed of yourselves,” she said. “You gotta do better, guys. We’re 13 days out from the election, and you’re trying to influence this election. You’re taking completely bogus stories, and you’re running with it. It’s absolute fake news.”


Polling shows Lake ahead of Hobbs in all of the last three major polls that were released.  A recent InsiderAdvantage poll showed her ahead by an 11 percent margin, the highest lead that she has posted yet.


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