Washington State Rep. Cindy Jacobsen, who is a Republican, has proposed a bill that would protect women in prison from having a biological male who has previously been convicted of a sexual crime or sexual crimes against women from having them placed with the general population at the same prison. The problem is Democrat lawmakers in the state of Washington are fighting back.

Rep. Jacobsen appeared on KTTH’s Jason Rantz Show, where she discussed the hot topic.

“I just fear that we are so worried about being politically correct that we won’t take a hard logical look at things because this is not a politically correct issue to bring up, and I don’t want anybody to be unsafe,” she told Rantz.

Jacobsen talked about why she co-sponsored the bill and how her legislation seeks to protect female inmates from transgender criminals after she heard about a disabled female prisoner who was a victim of rape by a transgender prisoner.

She also explained that, shockingly, there are laws that prevent jails from housing transgenders (biological males) separately.

Here is a recording of her interview:

My Northwest reports – Jacobsen said the Department of Corrections would not give the information out. “Because transgender folks are subjected to more risk of rape and are protected under the Washington State Consitution, they issued an injunction against releasing the aggregate information.

Jacobsen argued that because of this, the public doesn’t really know if transgender people are being housed in prisons that do not match their biological identity, putting both of them, and possibly, the inmates in prison, at risk.

“We know anecdotally this is happening because I’ve heard directly from the Department of Corrections telling me,” Rantz said. “I don’t know how many times it’s happening. And that is an important part of this conversation. To me, at least I read them not wanting to give this information out as indicating that it’s happening more often than we think.”

Jacobsen said passing the bill is a long shot in a Democratically-controlled house.

The state of Washington, much like the state of Michigan, whose House and Senate are now under Democrat control for the first time in 40 years (thanks to a crooked Sec. of State), is in big trouble…

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