Stacey Abrams has a bad case of delusion caused by sour grapes…

During a speech to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Abrams delivered the unbelievable claim that “We won”.

She goes on to explain why she still hasn’t conceded.

“We had this little election back in 2018. And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have very affirmative statement to make. We won.”

Abrams on why she didn’t concede: “I refused to concede because, here’s the thing: concession needs to say something is right and true and proper. … You can’t trick me into saying it was right.” Republicans “stole” the election from “the voters of Georgia.”

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Abrams has continuously claimed black votes were suppressed by her opponent in the Georgia governor’s race. Brian Kemp won the race by 54,000 votes but Abrams still won’t concede.

She’s been touted as a VP pick for Biden if he runs for president. She has also said she hasn’t ruled out her own run for president in 2020.

She appeared on ‘The View’ where she claimed the fight wasn’t ‘fair’ so she would never know if she really lost the race.

Stacey Abrams says she “absolutely” stands by her decision not to concede in the Georgia gubernatorial race. “I can’t say that empirically I won but I will never know because we did not have a fair fight.”

The politicians of today’s left just can’t concede but continue the delusion aided by the leftist media enablers.


Stacey Abrams lost the election for governor of Georgia by 50K votes but is still making the rounds trying to convince people that the election was illegitimate. Did Abrams go to the Hillary Clinton School of Election Loss Denial? It’s all about Stacey and keeping her name out there. She joined Jake Tapper to make claims that are just not true. Why give this woman a platform to divide but…THIS IS CNN.

“The law, as it stands, says that he received an adequate number of votes to become the governor of Georgia, and I acknowledge the law as it stands. I am a lawyer by training and I am someone who’s taken a Constitutional oath to uphold the law, but we know sometimes the law does not do what it should and something being legal does not make it right. This is someone who has compromised our systems. He has compromised our Democratic systems and that is not appropriate.”

Something tells us Abrams won’t fade away but will continue to be a divisive politician. Maybe that’s why she lost.

Notice how Tapper questions Abrams on whether she considers the election of Kemp “legitimate”…

“He is the legal governor of Georgia and here’s the thing, Jake. I want to be very clear. Words have meaning and I’ve spent my lifetime not only as an attorney. but as a writer and I’m careful of the words I choose. When he takes the oath of office he will be the legal governor of the state of Georgia, the legal victor, but what you are looking to me to say is that there was no compromise of our democracy and that there should be some political compromise in the language I use and that’s not right. What’s not right is saying that something was done properly when it was not.”

She continued…

“I will never deny the legal premature that says he is in this position and I pray for his success, but will I say that this election was not tainted, was not a disinvestment and disenfranchisement of thousands of voters? I will not say not.”



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