Yikes! Someone said they thought this was mugshots of  people arrested for drugs but this is Antifa unmasked! No wonder they wear masks! Aren’t you supposed to outgrow this?

The Berkeley Police Department has come under fire from local professors who are worried that posting Antifa mugshots on twitter could cause a back lash from conservatives. We find that ironic since it’s the Antifa anarchists who are instigating violence against the right in the first place.

Why would we come after them? We find them pitiful. They are not worth the trouble.

While our economy is churning along and it’s win after win for President Trump, these goons are continuously attempting violence and unrest….BUT they call us fascists?

Most of the arrests were for banned weapons like the ones pictured above and below.

These people are sick and twisted. Some of the “weapons” they brought to a protest:

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If you would like to give a shout out to the Berkeley Police Department for a job well done: BPD TWITTER


Downtown Berkeley on Sunday became, once again, the site of a conflict between right-wing protesters and counterprotesters, crushing the hopes of city officials for a mellow day.

For most of the afternoon, flocks of protesters surged along Berkeley’s central streets, defying police officers’ attempts to corral them. Meanwhile, in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, a small group of “anti-Marxists” sparred with those who came out to denounce them as white supremacists.

The confrontation stemmed from an announcement earlier in the week from the Proud Boys and another right-wing group that they might stage a gathering Sunday at Civic Center Park, the site of previous clashes. –SF Gate

Protesters threw homemade fireworks at officers in the area of Milvia and Center streets, prompting police to deploy a smoke canister, White said. As of Sunday afternoon, police reported protesters also had vandalized more than 20 cars, all of which were Berkeley city vehicles — smashing their windows and setting one on fire — and burned three dumpsters.

The city, under the authority of an emergency ordinance, passed earlier this week, prohibited protestors from bringing weapons, signs mounted on sticks or other potentially dangerous items into the area around the park. Masks also were prohibited. Even so, police confiscated dozens of items Sunday, including homemade fireworks; a sledgehammer with a rusty, metal head; wooden poles wrapped with black cloth; black helmets; shields; and pepper spray or mace. Some protesters tried to smuggle in rocks by taping them to the back of their signs, White said. –Mercury News

Really? It doesn’t look like these lightweight Antifa pansies had their sledgehammers confiscated…

Watch, as a group of Berkeley Antifa punks, make an embarrassing attempt to bash the windows of a US Marine Corps building while onlookers stand and walk by without making any attempt to stop them. Perhaps they forgot who has volunteered to stand on the front-lines when our nation is attacked, or who puts their lives on the line for Americans they’ve never met.

Parody account “Beverly Hills Antifa” posted the video with the following caption: Berkeley Antifa tried to smash the windows out at the Marine Corps building, but the 119 lb men were unable to improvise, adapt, and overcome.  




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