Try telling a young black girl she can’t wear dreadlocks to school…

A Utah School has told a teenage student she can’t wear dreadlocks to school, and now the mom is claiming discrimination. Except the student is lily-white.

The Lincoln Academy in Pleasant Grove reprimanded eighth-grader Caycee Cunningham for wearing dreadlocks to school, saying it violates the school’s dress code. Her mom, however, claims she wears them for “religious reasons,” Fox13Now is reporting.

Caycee recently studied abroad in Guatemala and converted to Hinduism. She wears the dreadlocks as a result of that “spiritual journey,” mother Tonya Judd said.

Students of other ethnicities are apparently allowed to wear dreadlocks, but her white daughter isn’t. “My daughter is white and there happens to be other kids in the school who happen to be other race and ethnicity and they have hair that can’t be combed, and there’s never been an issue regarding that before,” Judd said. Principal Jake Hunt said the school’s dress code doesn’t specifically ban dreadlocks, but there are policies against “unnatural hair colors” and “distracting hair cuts” that all students must abide by. “Our dress code says that our students’ hair must have a neat, combed appearance, be appropriate for school, and not be distracting in the classroom, which is pretty similar to what many schools in our area have,” he said.

Principal Hunt said Caycee will not face any repercussions for continuing to wear dreadlocks, but she is in violation of school policy. Judd and Caycee said they will stand their ground and Caycee will continue to wear the dreadlocks and transfer schools if need be. Via: DownTrend  

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