Meteorologists around the world boldly claim global warming to be a scientific fact based on accurate data. However, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, who also preaches about global warming, has had an unlikely culprit meddling with their weather data. This just goes to show that weather data isn’t necessarily as accurate as people assume it to be.

Indeed, even the Bureau of Meteorology, the veritable gold stamp of semi-accurate weather information, has now had its credibility soiled, after a data-collector in Western Australia discovered that a strange yellowy liquid was skewing his data.

“I went out to check the rain because we record for the Bureau of Meteorology and, about six weeks ago, there was about 0.4mm in it,” said Tom Murray, a true-blue Aussie farmer from Dalyup, near Esperance, who’s been measuring BoM’s rain gauges for some 40 years. “I didn’t think we’d had quite that much, so I looked a little bit closer and it actually had a little bit of color in it, so I got a bit suspicious.”

Old Tom’s “winemaking background came to the fore”, and he stuck his schnoz in the gauge to get a good whiff of the stuff. His sophisticated conclusion? Piss. Definitely, piss. “Decidedly foxy” piss, if he’s not mistaken.

Of course, this is a fairly serious allegation to throw the way of the friendly neighborhood fox, whom up until this point has never actually been caught draining his main vein into Murray’s rain gauge. It’s one thing to sniff some piss-coloured water and point the finger – another thing entirely to back it up with evidence.

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“I don’t know how he did it, but something certainly made a contribution. Only a small one, but we certainly couldn’t spot him.” –Your Friend’s House

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