CJ is tired of watching Barack Obama divide our nation…says it’s time to hire a “uniter.”

Black teen conservative political activist and Internet sensation CJ Pearson, 13, touted his endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
for president during an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Sunday.

“In 2016 it is time for us to mend the divisive traits that this president has inflicted upon our country. And I believe Ted [Cruz] can be that uniter,” Pearson told Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle. He said he sees Cruz as a “fighter for conservative values; a fighter who will not give up, who will not give in to the D.C. establishment — left or right — and will fight for what he believes in.”

Pearson shot to national acclaim when he created a video on YouTube in February criticizing President Barack Obama. The video, titled “President Obama: Do You Really Love America?” quickly garnered over a million hits and he has since appeared on several mainstream media outlets to discuss his views.

“I think his entire term has been a downright failure, has been an embarrassment to this country,” Pearson said of Obama’s presidency. He criticized the commander in chief for making a big government even bigger and for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, among other controversial policies. Obama, in Pearson’s estimation, “is a leader who is more likely to apologize for America than to sit and fight for America.”

Pearson, who lives in Georgia, serves as the national coordinator for Students for Cruz, which is the official youth arm for the Cruz for President campaign. Via: Breitbart News

Here is CJ’s interview with Ted Cruz:


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