A 71-year-old supporter of Brett Kavanaugh was physically assaulted by young liberal protesters who danced around him, screamed, and one of them smacked his signs. The attack was ended when someone came to take the attacker away from the elderly man who was peacefully displaying his message.

Watch the video of the elderly man being harassed and then attacked by the woman.


It’s one thing to voice opposing views, have meaningful debates, and even disagree completely with each other. However, it should not be tolerated when someone is physically attacked.

By legal standards, the woman who smacked the elderly man’s sign committed assault. He could press charges against her if he wanted to.

Watching videos like this is one of the reasons why many people call the left unhinged, intolerant, and violent. The leftists usually are the people asking others to be tolerant and respectful of one another, but they also are the people who most often attack others for their difference in opinions or views on politics.

It is very strange to watch liberals protesting and demanding that everyone listen to them, and to hear them call for tolerance, but then some of them attack others and believe that it will help their cause.

It will not. It does the opposite. When people see liberals attacking others, it pushes those who are neutral or centrist in political nature away from them.

Watching this woman harass the elderly man like this makes me want to vote as far right as possible.

Even if a Democrat candidate seems like a good person, it’s their followers whom I would vote against.

Supporting a Democrat candidate means supporting their followers, many of whom we have learned after last week that they are even more unhinged than ever.

A vote for Democrats is a vote to raise taxes and support horrible behavior, false sexual assault claims, and something that no person should find themselves doing anytime soon.

This is all just my opinion and you’re welcome to feel differently if you like.

However, I’ll be voting FULL REPUBLICAN during the midterms.

Feel free to join me.


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