Three young, black, Muslim women, who are allegedly Ethiopian immigrants living in America, were asked why they support Black Lives Matter? ***Vulgar language warning***

According to a tweet– the video is from a BLM protest in Aurora, CO.

A young woman wearing a yellow hijab who was allegedly attending a BLM protest, was asked about their support for BLM: “That’s why we stand with the Black Lives Matter. Because that’s important to us.”

The young Muslim girl explained her hatred for cops, Ethiopia, Trump and America: “Because the cops are f**king killing black people in America today. But the same sh*t is happening to the Oromo people in Ethiopia. The same f**king system is killing the Oromo people! With that being said, f**k Ethiopian government, f**k [inaudible], f**k the police, f**k the American system, f**k everybody, f**k Trump, f**k every single person who is supporting systemic oppression against any human being in this world. And f**k [inaudible], f**k everybody, and f**k everybody who is silent.”


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BPR reports – It’s not clear if the women are refugees, but nearly 10,000 refugees from the seven Muslim majority countries listed on President Trump’s travel ban have settled in the state since 1980, according to Colorado Public Radio News.

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Ethiopia is not on the list, but refugees from the country are among those resettling in Colorado more recently from the Middle East and Africa.

The women are reportedly in Aurora. In 2018, the Denver Post reported that one in five Aurora residents was foreign-born and the largest immigrant population outside of Mexico was Ethiopian.

Being a black, Muslim who supports Black Lives Matter comes with big benefits. In 2017, a Muslim high school senior was admitted to the “prestigious” Stanford University after allegedly responding to a question on his application that asked, “What Matters to you and Why?,” he claims to have answered, “#BlackLivesMatter” and simply repeated the hashtag 100 times.

Campus Reform wrote about the activist’s acceptance to Stanford University – Ziad Ahmed, a New Jersey high school senior and Muslim activist, has allegedly been admitted to Stanford University after giving a highly unorthodox answer.

Here’s a screenshot of Ahmed’s reply on his Stanford University application.

Ahmed’s acceptance letter, which apparently uses language identical to that reported by other accepted Stanford applicants, states that “everyone who received your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart. You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford.”

E.J. Miranda, Stanford’s senior director of media relations, told Campus Reform that the university does not discuss student applications, and so cannot confirm either that Ahmed submitted the application as described or that his application was accepted.

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