Tucker Carlson is passionate about closing our borders to illegals. It’s obvious when he has someone like Cesar Vargas on to discuss just how wrong it is to have open borders. Vargas delusional believes he’s an American but he is an illegal alien from Mexico. Why hasn’t this guy been deported? He has been able to practice law too!

Tucker and Cesar started out discussing the Philadelphia Mayor and his refusal to allow ICE access to criminal data. The conversation quickly switched courses into a debate about who is legal. Cesar thinks he’s an American but Tucker set him straight. This is the theme with so many illegals. They think they can come to America and just consider themselves to be a citizen….It’s delusional and has been pushed by politicians and the media. The rhetoric on this is unbelievable. Just listen to Cesar who pulls out all the stops in his attempt to convince Tucker that all illegals are Americans….

THE UNBELIEVABLE DISCUSSION BEGINS AT THE 21:20 POINT: Remember that this is the narrative the left is trying to use to gain more and more rights for illegals.


The right to vote, the right to freebies and all the rights the Constitution gives to LEGAL citizens.THIS is where we’re heading if we don’t put a stop to this now. BUILD THE WALL!

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