Some of the most divisive, partisan politics can be found within the Republican party itself. The media is in collusion with the Democrats who are unanimously supporting woman who should’ve been in prison decades ago. Every day a new revelation is made about the criminality of Hillary Clinton and those who surround her. Meanwhile, we’ve got people like MI Grassroots Vice Chair Wendy Day talking about voting her “conscience.” Guess what Wendy…the next 3 or 4 leftist Supreme Court Justices won’t care about your conscience…

Wendy Day, a grassroots vice chair with the Michigan Republican Party, recently announced that she is “unable to endorse” Republican Donald Trump for president — a decision that has cost her the position with the state party.

Michigan Republican Party Grassroots Vice Chair Wendy Day was removed from her office on Monday after voicing opposition to Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

Michigan Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel on Monday responded by declaring the seat vacant. Day occupied one of just 12 positions in the party that required officeholders to support nominees chosen by the voters, Romney-McDaniel said in an email to State Committee members on Monday.

“Upon seeking advice from our legal counsel, and recognizing that our Grassroots Vice Chair is unable to fulfill the duties of her office, I am declaring the position of Grassroots Vice Chair vacant,” Romney McDaniel said.

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“This has been one of the more difficult decisions I have made as Chair. Wendy is my friend,” Romney McDaniel added. “I want to thank Wendy for her service and leadership to our party and know that she will continue to be a strong leader in the Republican Party. In coming to this decision, I applied the rule as if the nominee were Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rick Snyder, or any other Republican Party nominee.”

Romney McDaniel had offered day the chance to support Trump or step down, but Day declined to resign in letter to Romney McDaniel posted publicly on social media earlier Monday. In the letter Day said she sees her decision to not endorse Trump as “a matter of conscience.”

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In a letter to Romney McDaniel which Day posted publicly on social media Monday, Day said she sees her decision to not endorse Trump as “a matter of conscience.” MLive

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