No matter which candidate you support, this moment on the campaign trail is pretty awesome. Trump has said he wants to support our veterans in a big way if elected. He showed he’s a man of his word when he plucked a veteran from the crowd and hired her. Instead of his catchphrase “you’re fired,” Mr. Trump told the previously homeless black woman, “You’re hired.”


Just when you think the 2016 presidential race can’t get more surreal, Donald Trump reprised his role from the hit realty TV show “The Apprentice” at Washington press conference Monday and plucked an unemployed veteran out of the audience for an impromptu job interview.

It was yet another unexpected twist in Mr. Trump’s unconventional run that has defied the pundits, confounded the GOP establishment and made him the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Trump summoned the Washington press corps to the under-construction Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House. He said the one way or another he’s coming to the nation’s capital.

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The billionaire businessman boasted that the hotel, which is being refurbished from the city’s historic Old Post Office building, was being restored to the “highest level,” with luxurious suites and the largest ballroom in Washington.

He said the hotel would open ahead of schedule and under budget in September.

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When hands went up from reporters gathered in the cavernous atrium where the hotel lobby was being built, Mr. Trump called on Alicia Watkins.

Ms. Watkins, 38, a former Air Force staff sergeant who survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was at the press conference as a freelance writer working on an article about jobs for veterans.

She briefly described her situation and complimented Mr. Trump’s stance of expanding employment opportunities for veterans, and then asked if the hotel would be part of a jobs program.

“We are doing some of that. What are you looking for, what kind of position,” Mr. Trump asked, and then invited her to come to the podium.

Pleased with her response, Mr. Trump directed her to one of his company’s executives to work out a employment deal.

“If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s going to probably have this job,” said the real estate tycoon.

Asked why he did the on-the-spot job interview, Mr. Trump said that he “felt good about her.”

“It’s a gut instinct,” he said. “I have instincts about people.”

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