As you may have already heard, a young girl named Ma-Khia Bryant was shot by a police officer in Ohio as she appears to attempt to stab another young girl.  Both girls were black.  The police officer almost certainly saved a girls life–or at least prevented serious injury–by shooting the alleged attacker.  In a split second decision as he appears to arrive on the scene, the bodycam footage of the officer shows what he saw, below:

In response to this split-second act of policing, LeBron James has piled on the officer along with the rest of the media, creating a narrative that the cop is a racist.  A now-deleted Tweet from LeBron doxxed the officer with a photo and threatened him, stating “YOU’RE NEXT” with an hour glass, suggesting the clock is ticking.

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What does LeBron mean by this?  And, why is he upset with an officer who almost certainly saved a black girl from being stabbed based upon video evidence?

There is more to the story that should be understood, as with the George Floyd case, but shouldn’t we let these things play out with appropriate due process rather than mob justice?

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What do you believe a police officer is supposed to do in such a split-second situation?

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