Roseberg residents and families of victims are speaking out against Obama and are repulsed by his obvious desire to use the deaths and injuries of their loved ones to promote his leftist agenda. Of course, he’s going anyhow. It is of no consequence to him that basically the whole town wants him to stay away. Keep it classy Barry…

Maybe the Roseberg residents should make the same kind of human chain between Barack and the cameras that they do around the Westboro Baptist “Church” members at funerals…

Roseberg residents and even relatives of victims are telling Barack Obama to stay home and don’t come here to dance on the graves of our loved ones. “You’re not welcome!”

Tomorrow President Obama is scheduled to visit Rosenburg, Oregon, where 10 people were killed last week at Umpqua Community College by a deranged killer who happened to use a gun to carry out his crimes.

We’ve already reported on the repulsed reaction from the community as people who live there continue to reject Obama’s visit. Now Stacy Boylan, the father of shooting victim Ana Boylan, is directly speaking out against Obama’s visit and has no interest in putting up with his exploitation of the tragedy for political purposes.

“I do believe it was Rahm Emanuel who said ‘Never let a good tragedy go to waste,’ and I really feel that his [Obama] visit here is to completely to support his gun control agenda. I can’t understand why he wouldn’t make a mention of the families and the victims. I mean, he did say that it was a tragic incident and I do thank him for lowering the flags but he made it all about gun control. He was very clear about that and we saw this in Sandy Hook and now we’re seeing it again and I just question his motives,” Boylan said. “I’ve spoken to my family and for myself and for my family, my daughter and son, on principle I find that we are in disagreement with his policies on gun control and therefore we will not be attending the visit.”

“My position on this is that gun free zones are an issue, they’re a target for crazy people because they know they’re not going to be met with resistance. You know, my daughter said to me, ‘What if somebody would have had a gun?’ Gun free and gun control takes that option off the table. Somebody doesn’t have to use their gun in defense, but to take that option entirely, I don’t think that’s the right course,” he continued. Via: Townhall

On Monday, David Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, appeared on a Fox News segment with Bill O’Reilly.

He made it clear President Obama was not welcome in Roseburg and certainly not to crash the funerals of those killed in the Umpqua Community College mass shooting by using it for his own liberal agenda.

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