YouTube is running ads on videos pushing fake cures to real diseases, while they demonitize and deplatform conservative videos which tell the truth about COVID

Remember when YouTube cited all kinds of nonsense about countering misinformation for the sake of public health in order to suspend Senator Rand Paul for his video disputing mask effectiveness? Well as it turns out, they are perfectly fine with making profit off of real misinformation as long as it doesn’t hurt the liberal narrative.

YouTube is making profit by running ads on videos which are pushing fake cures, such as vinegar and garlic, for real STI’s in a typical move by the hypocritical left-wing company.

A still from a YouTube video advocating for fake cures for STIs

From The Daily Mail:

One video advocated chewing garlic cloves three times a day to treat the infections, claiming the veg ‘will clean you from the tip of your mouth to the anus’.

It also tells people to get in a bathtub with apple cider vinegar, baking soda and tee tree oil for 10 minutes each day.

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Another clip told people washing their private parts with vinegar and warm water would ‘disinfect the body until the condition is cured’.

We found two ad-sponsored videos promoting the bogus cures, which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, and several more without ads.

Experts claim people risk going infertile if they follow the advice given in the videos instead of going to a doctor and being prescribed antibiotics.

These videos are as ridiculous as they are irresponsible. As gullible and desperate people try to cure their diseases with fake remedies they will risk continuing to spread it while the effects worsen until they are sterile or, in some severe cases, dead.

A different video falsely claiming some plants can cure Gonorrhea

Yet YouTube monetizes them.

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Meanwhile, Doctor and Senator Rand Paul was once suspended from the platform for disputing the effectiveness of masks, as YouTube deemed it “misinformation.” This proves once again the hypocrisy of Big Tech and liberal companies. They do not adhere to any principles. Their only goal is to silence the truth and preserve the Fake News narrative.

Many conservative voices have been demonitized and deplatformed over COVID and other issues, like election fraud, because they told the truth and YouTube deemed it “dangerous misinformation” but when faced with actual dangerous misinformation, they decide to make a profit.

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