A young man decided to take the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ that began when a young woman licked an airplane toilet seat (see below). He’s not the only one out there who is taking the challenge. Another guy filmed himself licking food on the shelves at a Walmart in Virginia (see below). He’s been arrested on a charge of terrorist threats. Idiots expose themselves in times of crisis…These guys are idiots.

Social media like Tik Tok isn’t good for people like these two. Are they so desperate for attention that they’ll do just about anything? Sure seems like it.

According to The Mirror, the guy in the video below has tested positive for the coronavirus after licking a toilet seat in a public bathroom. Disgusting…

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A photo of the man in the hospital now:

The Virginia man at Walmart licking items on the shelves:

The local police released a statement after the Virginia man was arrested:

The ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ began when a Tik Tok video of a young woman licking an airplane toilet was posted asking others to join in on the challenge:

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