Jared Yates Sexton, and independent journalist who’s written for the New York Times and Politico just got Trumped!  Yates Sexton claims he’s been working behind the scenes on what he hilariously describes as the “dumbest and biggest crime in the history of American politics”.

It turns out little Jared was wrong. The Donald Trump Jr.-Russian collusion story is not only another nothing burger, it lends more credibility to the theory that the media is on an all-out witch hunt for President Donald Trump. Apparently, the hunt has now been extended to include members of the Trump family.

Yates Sexton started his rant on Twitter by whining to his followers about chasing the story for a year, and how he got “Trumped” by Don Jr. when, much like his father, Jr. went around the media and took to Twitter to post the emails journalists were desperate to get their hands on.

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Whining journalist part 2:

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More whining:

Still more whining:

And you guessed it…more whining!

And then, the fake relief over the release of the nothing burger emails by none other than Donald Trump Jr. himself:

Yates Sexton then turned his ire on Trump supporters who apparently are (gasp!) laughing at the rabid leftist media who won’t let the fake Trump-Russian collusion narrative go:

Poor Jared…he’s, well, he appears to be “baffled” by the Trump’s and how they don’t follow the rules that have been put forth by the media:

And finally, in an appeal to his leftist fans who are surely as heartbroken as him, Yates Sexton suggests that if his followers like his style of dead-end reporting, perhaps they would enjoy paying $22.69 for his book. And now for the final test…Will love Trump hate? Will liberals feel help poor little Jared feel better about wasting over a year of his life, while he chased his tail, pinning all of his hopes on being “the one” who finally found the Trump-Russia connection.

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