Whenever young children are near Joe Biden, he always manages to find a way to draw them closer to him.

Today, Biden met with Kentucky’s leftist Governor Andy Beshear. The governor’s family accompanied him to his meeting with old Joe. The moment Joe saw Governor Beshear’s young son, he reached across Kentucky’s first lady and drew her son into him. Once Joe got the young Beshear boy next to him, he put his arm around him and began to whisper in his ear. This is trademark Joe with young kids—we’ve all seen this pattern unfold several times. It’s what he does next that’s extra creepy. Joe reaches out and holds the boy’s hand. The young Beshear boy appears to be uncomfortable with the gesture, as Joe releases his hand, leaving a black face mask in the boy’s hand. The boy, who is already wearing a face mask, looks down at the face mask placed in his hand by Creepy Joe. Unsure what to do with the mask, he discreetly places it in his pocket.

Watch the creepy exchange here:

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Why do Democrat politicians allow their kids to be within 100 feet of Joe Biden? Do they care so much about their political careers that they’re willing to allow their children to be bait for Joe? His behavior is disgusting and someone should have the courage to call him out. Typical Democrats…party before all else.

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