Here’s a new twist on the whole ‘anchor baby’ scam. Now women who know they’re infected with a serious communicable disease and pregnant can sneak into America, have the kid here (which makes the kid technically a US citizen), get free treatment for the kid and stay as a legal resident:

Mother of Zika baby born in New Jersey says she flew to America to seek treatment after doctors in Honduras ‘underestimated’ her symptoms – and now the U.S. citizen baby will cost AT LEAST $1 million to treat.

Doctors confirmed that a baby has been born with Zika-linked microcephaly in New Jersey.

The mother, 31, contracted virus while in Honduras and traveled to New Jersey to visit family and seek treatment 33 days ago.

She was admitted to Hackensack University Medical Center where she gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday who has intestinal and visual complications. Read more: DAILY MAIL

And make no mistake, she did sneak into the US because had we known her condition there is no way we’d have let her in.

This ‘anchor baby’ loophole needs to be closed by an act of congress, now more than ever. At the very least we need to re-institute the vigorous screening process that immigrants (like my grandparents) had to go through on Ellis Island.


Back then an immigrant had to be physically and mentally fit, have a spotless criminal history and either have sufficient wealth, family already living here or a sponsor who’d take them in.


That process could take weeks to complete but at least we had some assurance that only the best and brightest gained entry. Now it seems we’re nothing but a dumping ground for humanity’s dregs.

Via: Blur Brain

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