The brutal, disgraced, ousted leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is dead at the age of 95.

He will be remembered for ruining the economy of Zimbabwe, stealing land from white farmers and for the human rights violations committed by his brutal regime. 

The Atlantic didn’t pull any punches in their assessement of the former dictator. In their article titled, “Robert Mugabe Died Too Late,” they lay bare his arrogance, his brutal nature and his disregard for the citizens of Zimbabwe.

It is usually in bad taste to say of the recently deceased that his death came far too late. But even those most sentimental about Robert Mugabe, the first leader of Zimbabwe, will admit that if he had been hit by a bus on the streets of Harare 25 years ago, or crushed by a landslide of Chanel bags after one of his wife Grace’s shopping sprees in London or Paris, the world would be a better place. Instead, Mugabe died yesterday in Singapore at the age of 95, far from the country he first liberated from white-minority rule, then laid to waste over a 37-year rule that began brutally and ended in pathetic squalor.

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The Gateway Pundit reports – In 2014 Robert Mugabe said white farmers should never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe.
And they should go.

Mugabe killed anyone who sided with his opponents. At least 20,000 people were slaughtered during his quest for power.

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In 2015 Robert Mugabe went on an anti-gay tirade at the UN.

Mugabe was famous for sending thugs out to beat his political opposition.


This video shows the Mugabe Regime attacking opposition leaders, including activist, Gift Tandare who was murdered by the brutal regime. Tandare was the chairperson of NCA Glen View constituency and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)

Tandare was the father of three young children.

The leader of the Opposition suffered a fractured skull and several lacerations after being arrested by the Mugabe regime and imprisoned on Sunday at a prayer meeting. He was later hospitalized in Harare.

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