Sarah Sanders zings a White House press corps reporter after he complains about President Trump’s tweets.  She literally shut the guy down. His question was so ridiculous that he really deserved what was coming to him.

Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem asked Sanders whether White House staff wishes Trump tweeted less, suggesting staff might be annoyed because they had to respond to the president’s tweets rather than being able to focus on excellent unemployment numbers.

“In terms of Twitter, the president uses Twitter to communicate directly to the American people,” Sanders said.

“You have the ability to choose what you want to write about, and you guys choose to write about things the American people don’t care about, day in and day out,” she said. “That’s a decision you make, and frankly I think it’s the wrong one.”


WFB reports:

Karem also asked during the exchange if the president would come out to the briefing room to take questions from the media.

Sanders said he would let the press know if he planned to come to the briefing room, but she also indicated the president communicates with the media in other forums.

“You guys would be the first to know if the president comes out here, but thankfully he does address the press in a number of ways and in a number of venues. We’ll see if it happens here, and we’ll certainly let you know,”  she said.

As Sanders moved on to another reporter, Karem attempted to get in another question, indicating he was still concerned about the tweets and wished to ask the president directly about them.

“Can we at least get an opportunity to ask him a question about tweets?” Karem said.


Was the question from Karen more of a personal complaint or was he sincerely asking? We believe many of the questions these reporters ask are to get THEMSELVES noticed and not to ask a serious question.


She’s got a hard job! She’s incredible!


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