“You are one of the most narcissistic, power-hungry, self-absorbed politicians of this day.”

“I want liberty, not Hillary!”

On Sunday, CJ Pearson, the 12-year-old Georgia conservative who made headlines with a video saying Barack Obama doesn’t love America, posted another video on YouTube slamming Hillary Clinton. Pearson minced no words in his scathing take-down of the former Secretary of State, saying he is “sick and tired” of her.

“I want liberty, not Hillary,” he said. Pearson described Clinton as “one of the most narcissistic, power-hungry, self-absorbed politicians of this day.”

He also said Clinton, who was elected to the Senate before being appointed Secretary of State, really has no accomplishments to speak of. The reason she was appointed, he said, was because she “has a good last name.” And, he added, that’s the only reason she has any respect in Washington circles.

“You’ve done nothing for this nation, and you don’t care about this nation,” he said. “What you care about is, I don’t know, Hillary Clinton.”

“I am sick and tired of politicians like you trying to run my country,” he added. Pearson, who is a bit young to vote, said he would not cast a ballot for Clinton because he wants a commander-in-chief, not a “narcissist-in-chief.”


As of this writing, the video — which can be seen above — has been viewed over 16,000 times. Most of those who commented on the video had high praise for Pearson.

“This is proof that the mainstream media is losing their grip on Americans,” one person said. “Kid, your (sic) going to be somebody important! If we’re still here,” another person added.

There were a few detractors, including one person who said Pearson has “a future in tv/politics as the uncle tom expressing the interests of white conservative america (sic).” The commenter was called out for his racism.

On Sunday, Clinton announced her run for the White House with a press release that initially said she has “fought children and families her entire career.” She then headed to Iowa in an armored van nicknamed “Scooby” because it reminds her of the van in the 1960s cartoon.

Via: Joe Newby, Examiner

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