Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his allies in Hollywood and the media are playing defense against a credible accusation of sexual assault made by lifetime Democrat and former aide to then-Senator Joe Biden, Tara Reade.

Yesterday, a number of high profile females in the Democrat Party, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and vice-presidential hopeful, Stacy Abrams (the imaginary governor of Georgia), publicly announced they believe Joe Biden is innocent of the sexual assault charge against him, essentially calling Ms. Reade a liar.

Curiously, the Democrat Party and their allies in the media and entertainment industry have known for several years that Joe Biden is a creepy pervert.

In 2015, when Biden was rumored to be thinking about running for President, HBO Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart shared a video compilation of the sitting Vice President Joe Biden groping a multitude of women and young girls. The actual video footage of Joe Biden in action was so disturbing, that the far-left comedian pretended to pump hand sanitizer into his eyes to remove any traces of what he just witnessed.


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Yesterday morning, during an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brezinski, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to be taken off guard when he was pressed to reveal records that would prove he’s innocent of sexual assault charges that have been made against him by his former US Senate aide, Tara Reade.

Brzezinski asked Joe Biden if he would consider releasing documents from the University of Delaware, suggesting that a basic search of Reade’s name might help to absolve him of the sexual assault allegations made by his former Senate aid, Tara Reade. Biden pushed back.

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“Nothing classified about the President or anyone else. I’m just asking why not do a search for Tara Reade’s name in the University of Delaware records,” the Morning Joe host asked.

Joe appeared to be confused, asking her who would do the search?


This morning, Brent Scher, executive editor of Free Beacon, called out Joe Biden’s response about the Univ. of Delaware archives on the Morning Joe show, saying he “lied”, and that the documents are ready to be released.

In a follow-up tweet, Scher claims that a Univ. of Del spokesperson claims the papers are NOT ready and (conveniently) won’t be ready until after the November 2020 presidential election. Scher adds that it’s “Unclear what happened.”

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