Her name is Heather and she’s part of the “Shout Your Abortion” website that consists of people telling their story about what happened or why they had an abortion. Heather had three abortions and each one of them is more disturbing than the next. It might be admirable for her to talk about it, but she should also realize that she took the life of three children who could have spent their life with someone else.

The first time she became pregnant was an accident as a teenager. She aborted that child. She could have opted for adoption, but she didn’t. The child was lost to abortion.

Her second time getting pregnant was when she went on a trip and hooked up with some random hiker she met. I guess they hit it off and had some slightly promiscuous relations and next thing you know she’s pregnant by a stranger. She aborted this child too, but this one is a bit disturbing. She apparently got a new job and had to push her abortion back a little bit, giving the child more time to grow and then be terminated.

A bit later she was in a relationship and got pregnant again. Now she claims that “we” are pregnant meaning her and the man who impregnated her, except that he’s not actually pregnant. She is. She aborted this child as well, but said “we” when talking about it as if the guy is who put the tools in her body to yank the baby out. She made this decision because she didn’t want to be pregnant at work. It’s a shame that her third aborted child won’t ever have the chance to get a job.

She starts off her little poorly written story by saying “birth control does not always work!” Although, based on what she’s saying in her story of three abortions, it doesn’t appear that she was using any birth control during the first two incidents. She finally claims she was on the pill but it didn’t work. At that point, she was old enough to have a child and place it up for adoption instead of killing the baby when she was over three months pregnant.

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She aborted her third child at 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. She lied to people and said that she had a miscarriage. Does that mean she was ashamed? Probably. I would be.

My two-year-old is in the room with me. She’s watching Moana on repeat. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and we’ve been trying to have another. Some people can’t while others are destroying lives.

Meanwhile, this woman aborted three children who could have been loving their life today with another family.

Read ahead if you like, because I copy/pasted her entire story for you to see. My opinion is that she seems to brag and make herself feel better, but I believe that deep down inside she knows she made a horrible decision three times. How can she live knowing that she took the life of her own kids?

“Birth control does not always work! Do people not realize that? Why do people think that I should have a child because of an accident? Why Should I be forced on changing my life for something that I never wanted? Why should I have a child knowing that my life is not ready for such a change? Why do people say that I should burn in hell? Seriously, do you think I should be living on welfare and food stamps and living in a little studio apartment with a child that I can barely take care of? SERIOUSLY!?!?

And yes….TEENS HAVE SEX! GET OVER IT!!! We ALL do it!! I feel like talking about teen sex is just as bad as talking about abortion.

At age 16 I goofed. Yes, I goofed. I’ll admit it, I goofed. Should I say it again? I goofed!!! For some DUMB pathetic reason I had sex without a condom. It’s a long story but hey it happened. Was it worth it? NO! Did I like the boy? YES! LMAO! I knew I was pregnant before I knew I was. The GOOD thing about this is that I have always had a wonderful open relationship with my mom, and I had no problem telling her (it wasn’t easy but I told her).

My first abortion was on August 25, 2011 at Lovejoy Surgicenter in Portland, Oregon. I was 8 weeks 3 days pregnant (this is based on the last period). Yes, I did cry. No, it was not easy! No, I have no regrets.

At age 19 I took a 3 week journey on the Pacific Coast Trail. I did this on my own. LOVED IT! On that trail I found another hiker, a guy who was traveling solo. Long story short we had sex. And sadly I had no condom with me (my backpack already weighed 49 pounds). And BTW the withdrawal method only works when you withdrawal BEFORE ejaculation! I knew this rule, but either he didn’t or simply forgot about doing it (sarcasm).

I had my second abortion on September 14, 2014 at Lovejoy Surgicenter. I was 10 weeks 4 days pregnant. The appointment was originally on August 29th but during this time I found a new job and ended up having to rearrange my schedule. having an abortion at 10 weeks was a little harder just because I knew I had something in me, but doing it was still the right decision.

For the last couple years I have been in a loving relationship with a great guy, I am and have been on the pill, but it doesn’t always work. We found out that WE were pregnant back in March (2018). Originally we were thinking of keeping it, but in the end a decision was made for us. We both got ourselves a seasonal job at a National Park for the summer, something we have been working on for the last three years. No way could I be massively pregnant for this job, it’s just not possible. This job was outdoors with some very rough work involved!

WE had my third abortion on May 5, 2018 at My Choice Medical Center in Van Nuys, California. We did it here because my boyfriend could join me in the room during the procedure, The idea that he wanted to join me was a true blessing and made me feel more comfortable because of it. I was 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant, we waited this long because like I said before it was that ultimate seasonal job that made the decision for us. I told everybody but my mom that I had a miscarriage as I didn’t want anybody on knowing the truth.

All in all I just wish that people would look at abortion was just another surgery. No way could I be a mother of 3 children right now! JUST NOT POSSIBLE! I am 23, I have a good life, I don’t want to destroy it because of a bunch of children that I am not ready for. Doesn’t that make sense? I have ZERO regrets on what I have, sometimes I do wonder about the WHAT IF, but in the end I know I make the best decision for me.”

That’s directly from her page on the Shout Your Abortion website. I’m not linking it. You can look it up if you want to, but I refuse to link to something awful.

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