Remember when two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks a couple of days ago after a Starbucks employee accused them of loitering in the store? Americans were stunned and Starbucks paid a heavy price for the alleged poor judgment of their barista. Remember when the world was stunned over a woman who successfully sued and won millions from McDonald’s for serving her hot coffee after she spilled the hot coffee on her lap? It was an international story. Why is it then, that when a full-grown woman throws hot coffee in the face of an innocent employee who was attempting to calm her down after another employee got her sandwich order wrong, that it barely registers in the news? 

Although you probably never heard about it, this isn’t the first time a woman threw hot coffee in the face of a WaWa employee. A similar incident took place in December 2016 (see article below), in the same city where the arrest of two black men in Starbucks became an international story.

Things that make you go hmmm…

A 34-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after she assaulted a Wawa employee over a mistake with her order, police said.

Tiffany Evans placed an order for a sandwich at the 1450 Forrest Avenue Wawa at 8:45 p.m., said Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman of Dover police.

While an employee was preparing the sandwich, Evans yelled at him for making a mistake. Another employee told Evans to stop yelling at the employee and a second sandwich would be made, Hoffman said.

Evans began to argue with the second employee and threw a cup of hot coffee in the employee’s face, causing burns, Hoffman said.

The coffee also hit the other employee and damaged his cellphone in his pocket. The coffee damaged about $200 worth of food products in the sandwich prep area.

The employee, with burns on her face from the coffee, walked around the counter and continued to argue with Evans, who then pepper sprayed her in the face, Hoffman said.

Evans left the Wawa and police identified her by the tag number on her car, Hoffman said. She turned herself in to Dover police without incident.

The Wawa store closed for more than an hour to allow for the pepper spray to dissipate and to clean up the food prep station, Hoffman said.

The Wawa employee was transported to the hospital for minor injuries after the thrown hot coffee. –Delaware Online

Would this story be mainstream news if the woman throwing the coffee in the face of the WaWa employee was white and the WaWa employee was black? 

On December 31, 2016, police reported the arrests of two juvenile females  in a case in which three people threw hot coffee in the faces of employees at a Wawa store in Upper Darby, in West Philadelphia.


The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Thursday at 460 S. 69th St., said Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood.

“She takes the coffee and heaves it at them,” he said of one of them. After the person, who was wearing a gray hoodie, threw the coffee, all three laughed and then ran from the store into the Patterson Avenue area, he said.

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