Nothing but the best for the queen and the queen’s mom…

mooch and marian

No other mother-in-law of a President in the history of the United States has enjoyed a more extravagant lifestyle than that of Mooch’s mom, Marian Robinson. Thanks to Mooch and Barack’s generosity with other people’s money, she has become accustomed living the high life in our White House. She’s been the recipient of an excessive number taxpayer funded luxury vacations planned by Mooch for their extended family and friends.

Enjoying a perfect spring day in New York City, the First Lady and ‘Grandmother-in-chief’, Marian Robinson, had a mother-daughter bonding lunch in Greenwich Village.

The two sat down for a meal at Lupa, a small Italian eatery on Thompson Street and were looked after by owner and restaurant mogul Mario Batali.

Batali was heard telling the photographers waiting out of the trattoria that the pair had the ‘Chef’s Roman Tasting Menu’.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.33.21 PM

Outside the eatery a group of bodyguards stood on the sidewalk waiting for the two.

Here a just a few photos from taxpayer funded trips with Mooch and Marian:

marian disembarkingmooch family mommooch mom vacation

mooch mom vacation II

camp david vacationmooch mom in chinaThe taxpayers have been good to Mooch and Marian. 

As word spread that the First Lady and her mom were dining inside, resident’s in the building above the restaurant emerged on their fire escapes, keen to get a look.

Via: Daily Mail


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