This video is the best I’ve seen of what’s REALLY going on at our border. It’s OPEN to ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Criminals and terrorists are coming without any problem! The policy of Obama has been open borders and it has put all of us at risk! TRUMP2016!

One of the comments with this news report tells you so much about the attitude of illegals and others who cross our border:

“As a fifth generation Californio we didn’t cross the border the border crossed us. With or without papers we will always be here and by 2020 will be the majority.”

We reported a few months ago on 7 Chinese illegals who were found just walking along the highway near San Diego:

7 CHINESE ILLEGALS FOUND NEAR SAN DIEGO…You won’t believe what they were doing! [Video]

These Chinese illegals were obviously just let in with no problem…Unreal! 

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