82-year-old Donald Pierce was beaten to death in a radical left city in what appears to be another instance of an unprovoked attack on senior citizens

In another instance of unprovoked attacks on senior citizens in radical left cities, similar to what was seen in June in Philadelphia, 82-year-old Donald Pierce was allegedly beaten to death  by 29-year-old suspect Keffer White in Portland, Oregon.

Donald A. Pierce, 82. (Family via Portland Police Bureau)

White allegedly attacked Pierce and another, 88-year-old man, at a bus stop in downtown Portland on June 25th, entirely unprovoked.

From Fox News:
The suspect repeatedly punched and kicked both elderly victims and continued to assault them after they fell to the ground, according to witnesses and video evidence obtained by police.
The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Keffer J. White, was immediately arrested at the scene.

Both Pierce and the other man had sustained serious injuries, however, only Pierce eventually succumbed to them, dying Thursday and upping White’s charge to homicide.

White had an outstanding warrant, and has been in custody since the time of the assault.

Elder abuse is a problem which is not often addressed by the mainstream media, however, it is still very much real.

The recent string of attacks by youths on senior citizens in already violent cities have been unprovoked, and could be either targeted attacks on the elderly, or simply crimes of convenience. In either instance, however, it highlights the dangers faced by seniors in Biden’s America, where the justice system is soft and criminals are empowered.

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