Stories like these shine a light on how early our educators are indoctrinating our students. 

A third-grader said he’s standing up for his First Amendment rights after he left school early Thursday because administrators ordered him to remove his pro-Donald Trump hat.

Logan Autry’s family took him out of Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School early Thursday amid controversy over his red “Make America Great Again” hat — signed by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee himself, a local ABC News affiliate reported. Logan had worn the hat several days in a row during recess and more and more classmates started picking on him.

“I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” Logan told ABC News in a tearful interview.

School administrators determined the hat was causing a safety concern on campus and instructed Logan to take it off, which he refused.

“The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” he said.

Logan said he loves politics, American history and Donald Trump. He likes to wear a shirt and tie to school and he practices speeches about Mr. Trump on the playground.

“I’ve told them his policies on illegal immigration, and our Second Amendment, and our First Amendment and all of our amendments that need to be protected which are not going to be an amendment at all if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected,” Logan said. “[Mr. Trump] doesn’t speak like a politician. He speaks like a normal person. He knows what this country needs.”

Logan got the hat signed when he skipped school to attend a Trump rally last week, ABC News reported.

“I got to shake his hand and I felt his hair too, and it’s actually real,” the boy told the station. “On the TV it looks not real, but it like, has a blur but when you see it in real life it looks a lot different.”

The Fresno Unified School District said in a statement that administrators acted appropriately.

“Our job as educators is to facilitate a safe learning environment where we encourage robust conversations of diverse and thoughts,” the statement said. “We are proud that in this case, our school achieved that goal by allowing the student to wear his hat for several days. However, it is also our responsibility to take precautions when the discourse begins to impact our school climate and interrupt school operations.” Via: Washington Times

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