Last night, before President Trump appeared on the stage at his Washington Twp., MI rally, Republican candidate for Secretary of State Kristina Karamo stunned thousands of Trump supporters with a passionate speech that brought the crowd to their feet multiple times.

My name is Kristina Karamo, and I will be your next Secretary of State. And I say ‘your” because my responsibility is to serve the people of Michigan, irrespective of political affiliation…” Karamo told the crowd that she would not dignify MI SOS Jocelyn Benson by saying her name, adding, “She’s not even a Democrat—she’s an authoritarian leftist who treats the people of Michigan like the unwashed masses.” The crowd went wild with applause.

“Who does this woman think she is that the people of Michigan don’t have the right to question her? “Who does this woman think she is that the people of Michigan don’t have the right to scrutinize the election process?” Karamo asked, sending the crowd to their feet.

Karamo is an incredible communicator and a solid Christian conservative who speaks honestly from her heart.

Watch her incredible speech here:

MI SOS Jocelyn Benson is a favorite of George Soros and the dirty Dems. She used COVID as an excuse to send over 7.5 million unsolicited absentee ballots to addresses in Michigan, many of whom are dead or have moved away decades ago. Benson was found guilty of breaking the law when she told clerks across the state of Michigan to ignore signature matches on ballots. She must be defeated, and Kristina Karamo is a brilliant communicator, college professor, conservative activist, and mother of two beautiful young daughters. Michigan Republican delegates will have the opportunity to choose her as the Republican candidate on April 23. They will likely choose her in the state convention, which means she will face Michigan’s crooked Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson in the November election.

You can donate to Kristina’s campaign HERE.

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