President Trump’s policy of returning illegals to Mexico to wait for their immigration hearing will be allowed to continue thanks to a federal appeals court’s ruling today:

The Associated Press reports:

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a judge’s order that would have stopped the Trump administration from returning asylum seekers to Mexico.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay Friday.

Judge Richard Seeborg previously ruled that President Trump cannot send illegals back across the border to Mexico to wait for their asylum hearing court date. He ruled that it’s too dangerous for the migrants to go back to Mexico. Trump’s policy began in January whereby a migrant is sent back to wait in Mexico for their immigration hearing instead of being released into the US. The ACLU lawyers argued the case by putting the migrants before legal Americans. There are currently 800,000 people waiting for immigration dates!

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The Trump administration has had meetings with Mexico and has confirmed that they will be returning asylum seekers to Mexico starting tomorrow.

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According to Reuters:

A backlog of over 800,000 asylum cases are now pending in U.S. courts. The program is called Migrant Protection Protocols and is a new way to discourage Central Americans from trying to make the journey to the U.S.  A record number of asylum seekers came to the U.S. last year so President Trump is trying to do anything he can to diminish the flow.

The first group of asylum seekers will be returned to the border town of Tijuana tomorrow, according to a Mexican government spokesperson.

The new policy change took place on December 20th and sends the non-Mexican asylum seekers back across the border to wait in Mexico for their court case on asylum. The policy is to help house the huge number of Central Americans that have crossed our border.

After the meeting between the U.S. and Mexico, the agreement is that anyone who isn’t a “credible threat” to Mexico can be returned there.

There continues to be a steady flow of central Americans across our border though:

While Nancy and Chuck play games with President Trump over much-needed funds for a border wall, we have a wide open border that illegals are coming through every day.

Arizona Customs and Border Protection officials released a night-vision video of more than 100 illegals climbing over the border with a ladder.

The illegals were caught by Border Patrol agents:

On Monday Yuma sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 110+ Central Americans who illegally scaled the wall with the assistance of a smuggler with a ladder

This is just more of the proof we need to give President Trump the money to build a 30-foot wall along the border. Our border is wide open for anyone to cross over.

Hundreds of  Central Americans just came over a week ago and were caught but then processed to be put into detention or released:

Watch the video below as a reporter for MSNBC shows what a night-vision camera caught at the border. Check out the lame fence that is supposed to be stopping these people from crossing. What a joke!

This is a crisis! The news that another caravan is forming in Honduras is devastating. This, while it’s being reported that buses are being provided for the current caravan members to make it to the U.S. border.

A Border Patrol agent told an MSNBC reporter:

“I think you can ask any Border Patrol agent here that has been around from 1 year to 30 years and they’ll tell you that this is a crisis”

Does this look like a secure border to you? The invasion of Central Americans continues while Pelosi sits on her hands.

Check out the mass of people who are making their way to the U.S.:

A new caravan is forming in Honduras as the current caravan has crossed into Mexico:

Mark Levin weighed in on Trump’s deal:

The president’s trying to do something Republican presidents and others have failed to do for 30 years. He’s not a fool. He’s saying, enough with the lying to the American people.

The president wants to protect American sovereignty.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to govern. She just wants to throw hand grenades at the president.

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