Why is Fox News allowing an activist who believes America belongs to Hispanics to report on the caravan coming our way? Univision Host Jorge Ramos has been an outspoken advocate for open borders for years! He notoriously goes on TV to defend open borders and even claimed Trump’s immigration policy is to try and “make America white again”. The guy is a total bigot and shouldn’t be reporting on the caravan because he’s editorializing 100% of the time!

He was interviewed by Martha McCallum on Fox News when he admitted that some in the migrant caravan had previously been deported. He claimed there was nothing to worry about and proceeded to call these people refugees.

Ramos tried to play the invasion off as no big deal:

 The vast majority of these people are not criminals. They’re not terrorists. And they’re not even immigrants. They’re refugees. And as a nation in the United States, we have to choose what kind of nation we are and treat them with respect. We cannot pre-judge them. We cannot say all of them are criminals … that is not true. So what we have to do is listen to them, hear their cases, and if they deserve political asylum, then grant it to them.

Despite the optics, I know that if you are in the United States and you are watching this you might think ‘Oh, we’re going to be invaded.’ That is not true. There is no invasion here. We’re talking about 7,000 right now, maybe a few thousand more that are trying to cross the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

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It’s interesting that Fox News has Sara Carter and John Solomon who are reporting the exact opposite on the caravan! They are saying that there are criminals, MS-13 and other nefarious groups within the caravan.

So which is it? We choose to believe ANYONE but Ramos!

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