Actress Bette Midler sent a disgusting tweet today, calling for the hanging of President Trump and his family. The mainstream media and the Democrat Party with whom the hateful actress aligns herself with remains silent.

Midler’s sick tweet read:

Trump Trump Trump

Bob Mueller’s marching

And here is why

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Trump Trump Trump

He’s gonna hang you

Hang the fam’ly



Many Twitter users questioned how Twitter allows such a sick and disgusting tweet that to remain on their platform, while others are calling on the Secret Service to pay her a visit.

Robby Starbuck reminded everyone of the double standard that exists when it comes to making threats on Trump’s life versus how the media and the general public would react if the same thing had been said about Barack Obama and his family.

If a Republican actor said Obama and his family would be hung they would’ve been banned or suspended. posts a tweet saying and his family will be hung by Mueller yet do nothing about it. This is sick.

This isn’t the first time the leftist actress called for violence against a prominent Republican. Only nine months ago, when Senator Paul tweeted: “Government’s job is not to get you stuff, or to get somebody else’s stuff for you. It’s to preserve your liberty,” Midler asked, “Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?” in reference to Paul’s neighbor who attacked him while he was in his front yard, breaking several of his ribs and causing him to be hospitalized for several days. Senator Paul is still suffering from repercussions related to his attack.

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