Actress Brooke Shields, 58, disclosed a medical emergency she experienced in September that sent her to the hospital.

Shields said in an interview with Glamour she had a “surreal” experience that involved Bradley Cooper holding her hand in an ambulance.

She told Glamour Editor-in-Chief Samantha Barry she had a “full-blown grand mal seizure” getting ready for her solo show “Previously Owned by Brooke Shields.”

“Nobody knows about it,” Shields said.

“I was preparing for the show, and I was drinking so much water, and I didn’t know I was low in sodium. I was waiting for an Uber. I get down to the bottom of the steps, and I start evidently looking weird, and [the people I was with] were like, ‘Are you okay?’” she continued.

Shields said everything went black, her hands dropped to her side, and she went headfirst into the wall.

Shields recounted that she was “frothing at the mouth, totally blue, trying to swallow my tongue.”

“Welcome to the new normal,” said entrepreneur and Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) founder Steve Kirsch.

“Oddly, this is pretty much only happening to vaccinated people. I wonder why?” Kirsch questioned.

Read more of the interview from Glamour:

When she came to, the story took another turn for the bizarre. “The next thing I remember, I’m being loaded into an ambulance. I have oxygen on,” the actor tells Glamour. “And Bradley f****** Cooper is sitting next to me holding my hand.”

It was not a hallucination. Apparently, Cooper was near the restaurant when everything went down. So, when the sommelier at L’Artusi struggled to get in contact with Shields’s husband, Chris Henchy, an assistant called an assistant until someone reached the nine-time Oscar-nominated actor and director. Wild.

“I thought to myself, This is what death must be like. You wake up and Bradley Cooper’s going, ‘I’m going to go to the hospital with you, Brooke,’ and he’s holding my hand,” Shields recalls. “And I’m looking at my hand, I’m looking at Bradley Cooper’s hand in my hand, and I’m like, ‘This is odd and surreal.’”

Of course, Brooke Shields was not dead, but she was dangerously low on sodium while preparing for her show by drinking a ton of water. “I flooded my system, and I drowned myself,” she says. “And if you don’t have enough sodium in your blood or urine or your body, you can have a seizure.” Her doctor’s prescription: “Eat potato chips every day.”



Fox News reports:

Once at the hospital, Shield told Glamour that doctors thought her brain was seizing, and they conducted EEGs and hooked her up to IVs before putting her in the ICU, where she said she caught bronchitis.

The doctors concluded that Shields “had had too much water. I flooded my system, and I drowned myself. And if you don’t have enough sodium in your blood or urine or your body, you can have a seizure.”

The “Suddenly Susan” star also experienced frustration with what she felt were assumptions her doctors made about her health choices.

“And then male doctors kept asking me if I was limiting my salt. And I said, ‘You know what? I’ve had it with male doctors. I know you’re all smart—smarter than I am in what you do. But let me just tell you something: I look younger when I’m bloated. If I’m bloated, people think I’ve had Botox,’” she said.

“So as a 58-year-old woman, I’m not limiting my salt, okay? Stop trying to make me a crazy actress or a female that doesn’t know what the f— they’re doing. I was drinking too much water because I felt dehydrated because I was singing more than I’ve ever sung in my life and doing a show and a podcast.”

Brooke Shields isn’t the only famous actor/actress to have a medical emergency in recent weeks.

“General Hospital” star Tyler Christopher died at 50 after experiencing a cardiac event.

‘General Hospital’ Star Dies At 50 Following Cardiac Event In Apartment

Also, “Friends” star Matthew Perry died a 54 of an apparent drowning. However, reports suggest cardiac arrest may have played a role.

“Friends” Star Matthew Perry Found Dead At 54, Reports Of Possible Cardiac Arrest

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