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AFTER WEEKS OF IGNORING HUNDREDS of Truckers Circling Washington To Protest Authoritarian COVID Mandates… Biden Does Ridiculous Photo Op With 18-Wheelers On White House Lawn… LIES about Driving An 18-Wheeler [VIDEO]

By Amber Crawford | Apr 4, 2022

After weeks of ignoring the major trucker convoy circling Washington D.C. in protest of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, Joe Biden stood on the lawn of the White House on Monday, thanking the nation’s truckers for keeping America’s economy going. While he didn’t bother to acknowledge the trucker convoy, he did recall how he “used to drive a truck”… which is an entirely false statement.

While standing on the White House lawn in front of three 18-wheelers, Biden said “I used to drive a truck… and I thought I was gonna get to drive one of these suckers today.” Biden, however, never was a truck driver.

Biden also told a confusing story about a time he rode in a truck and met someone named “Big Mama.” Apparently, back when he was a senator, Biden rode into Ohio with a trucker to see what the truckers’ strike was like.

“The only woman truck driver I ever knew I met that day. She said ‘This is Big Mama’,” Biden recalled.

While this was a lovely anecdote, Biden botched his attempt to “thank” this country’s truckers who keep the economy running by ignoring the trucker rally happening right in the very same city. If he appreciated the work of the truckers, he would listen to their requests or at the very least give them the courtesy of a discussion.

“Thank you all to keep what you’re doing to keep America moving because that’s literally what you’re doing,” Biden said in his address to the truckers. “You all quit, everything comes to a halt.”

The Trucking Association’s CEO reported that 37% of their drivers said “hell no” to Biden’s vaccine mandate. So, while Biden stands at the White House and tries to make it seem like he cares about the truck drivers, his actions speak much louder than his phony words.

By trying to force thousands of people out of work with his vaccine mandate, Biden is doing a pretty poor job of ensuring the American economy keeps moving.

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