The National Football League has shown full support of the artificial intelligence agenda early in the 2023 season.

Week one concluded Monday night and one game from the league’s opening contests featured AI robot spectators in the crowd.

In Los Angeles, the robot “fans” made an appearance at the Chargers-Dolphins game to promote an upcoming sci-fi film called “The Creator.”

To add to the predictive programming, the movie is about a future war between humans and AI-powered robots.

KTLA 5 reports:

Supporters of the Chargers and Dolphins were out en masse for Sunday’s season opener for both teams, and to the surprise of some fans, some AI robots joined them in the crowd.


The “fans” were shown on SoFi’s double-sided video board sitting with blank stares amongst their cheering human counterparts and were also seen at field level.

They were placed around the stadium to promote the upcoming 20th Century Studios sci-fi film “The Creator,” which debuts in theaters on Sept. 29 and is centered around a futuristic war between humans and robots.


American sports analyst Pat McAfee criticized the decision to have fake humans at the football game.

The U.S. Sun reports:

The ESPN host voiced his displeasure with the Chargers electing to have a bunch of AI robots sitting in the crowd.

“They had fake humans at this LA game.

“Are you kidding me?

“In the crowd, fake humans, fake a— humans, AI robots sitting there watching the game as if they know what’s going on,” McAfee said.

McAfee continued and sounded off on the idea and couldn’t believe robots were in the stands and threatened to handle the problem himself.

“Just know this, you little fake f—ks. I’d boot both of your head your heads if I had to.

“We would unplug you and knock you over and never get to stand again.

In related news, the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a creepy AI-powered hologram of team owner Jerry Jones.

CREEPY: Dallas Cowboys Introduce AI Jerry Jones Hologram to Answer Questions (WATCH)

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