Pilot shortages have been a persistent issue in the United States since the Covid-19 pandemic.  Staffing shortages have been created by airlines struggling to keep up with the increase in demand as travel restrictions continue to lift.

Airlines also terminated thousands of employees for failing to get the Covid-19 vaccine, with United Airlines firing almost 600 employees alone.

Pilot shortages have become such a major issue that airlines are now chartering buses for customers traveling short distances.  Major airlines have predicted that pilot shortages could not be resolved for a matter of years, and mid-sized airlines may struggle to recover for up to six years.

The New York Post Reports





“Several US airlines struggling to find pilots amid a nationwide shortage are hiring bus companies to transport passengers to airports in cities that are only a short flight away.

American Airlines, the country’s largest airline, announced a partnership with a coach company earlier this month to transport passengers between Philadelphia International Airport and airports in Allentown, Pennsylvania [73 miles away] and Atlantic City, New Jersey [56 miles away].

American and the bus company, Landline, said the service would be an easier way to get to and from the two airports rather than flying. The service is scheduled to begin on June 3.

United Airlines also has deals with Landline, which is based in Fort Collins Colorado. United has offered one-stop connections on the buses from the Denver airport to or from Breckenridge and Fort Collins since April 1.

The bus company said it raised $28 million to expand its geographic reach.”

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