Never let an opportunity go to waste. Its the Democrat mantra…

Whenever a black person dies, no matter what the circumstances, the first and most important question is: How can Al Sharpton turn this into dollars? With the death of funk/pop icon Prince yesterday, you’re probably thinking there is no way the race-hustling Reverend can turn the tragedy into social justice (AKA cold hard cash) but you’re underestimating his awesome powers of exploitation.

The Amsterdam News reports that Al Sharpton will be holding a rally on Saturday at the National Action Network’s House of Justice in New York. I’m not kidding, he really has a place he calls the “House of Justice.” The original purpose of this rally was to protest the police shooting a black guy who pointed a gun at officers, but with Prince’s untimely death, Sharpton has decided to combine faux outrage with a faux tribute.

Here’s the black guy who was “wronged” by a racist system:

Tillman was fatally shot by NYPD officers on Sunday in Ozone Park, Queens. Reports indicate that he was allegedly holding an open alcohol container when officers approached him. Tillman had a gun on his waistband and allegedly ran as they approached him. Police say he reached for the weapon before officers opened fire shooting Tillman in the chest. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Medical Center.

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Let’s see if I have this correctly: A black guy was carrying an illegal firearm in NYC and violating the city’s drinking in public law. When police tried to question him, he resisted arrest and took off. He then took out the illegal firearm and pointed it at officers and they responded by shooting him. In other words, police used appropriate force to deal with a violent life-threatening situation. How exactly is this a case of racial injustice? Oh, because the guy was black. I get it now.

I guess it’s getting harder and harder for Sharpton to find any real racism to rage against, so he has to work with what he’s got.

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Just in case people have a hard time freaking out over a justified police shooting, Big Al is throwing in a tribute to Prince to get asses in the seats:

As the aftermath of the death of singer Prince continues, Sharpton will conduct a special memorial in honor of the legendary entertainer and humanitarian.

I wasn’t aware there was “aftermath” from Prince’s death, but it sure does seem like a shitty tribute to combine this with some bogus racial outrage over a guy who got shot for trying to kill some cops.

Really the only question left is: how will Sharpton blame Prince’s death on white supremacy? Was there a white conspiracy to kill the singer? Did he die because white EMTs responded slower than they would have if Prince were white? Did a white man give him the flu and force him to take opioids?

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