Dozens of Major Legacy Media Outlets Take Considerable Chinese Gifts, Perks

2014 BLJ lobbying firm’s CUSEF Private Dinner List

A recent report from the National Pulse shows that “all Major Western Media Outlets Take ‘Private Dinners’ [and] ‘Sponsored Trips’ From Chinese Communist Propaganda Front”  Unsurprisingly, the same organization “also targets American universities with offers to fund policy research, high-level dialogues, and exchange programs.”

2012 List of Some CUSEF Private Dinner Attendees


The Chinese United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) is a propaganda arm of the CCP.  According to The National pulse, is a Chinese Communist Party-funded initiative founded by Tung Chee Hwa.  Tung has been instrumental in disemboweling Westernized Hong Kong and leaving its innards to be eaten by authoritarian CCP wolves of Beijing.  In fact, the CUSEF is “a registered foreign agent bankrolled by a high-ranking Chinese government official with close ties to a sprawling Chinese Communist Party apparatus that handles influence operations abroad.”

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This is likely the reason negative articles regarding China are not as frequent Western legacy media as they were years ago.  And, when they are they are written, they are often offered preferential treatment:

“Even when CUSEF is criticized, such as in The Washington Post article “China’s reach into U.S. campuses,” CUSEF’s Executive Director Alan Wong was offered a rebuttal: something that even Americans on the political right fail to obtain from outlets such as the Post.”

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In order to accomplish its many-year propaganda and infiltration mission, CUSEF employs at least one PR/lobbying firm called Brown Lloyd James (BLJ):


It turns out that BLJ was likely also responsible for painting a ridiculously glossy portrayal of a Syrian dictator’s wife in Vogue magazine and the Huffington Post.


With people like these given authority to inform us on truth, is it any wonder why The West is in such disarray and why truth seems to get glossed over?



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