Valerie Jarrett has some nerve begging for birthday donations for Obama. This is a disgusting attempt at fundraising for the multi-millionaire having a lavish birthday party at his $12M Martha’s Vineyard estate with 500 in attendance. These people have no shame.

Twitter is on fire with comments back to Jarrett:

My dear friend Barack Obama is turning 60 tomorrow. For his birthday gift, I’m asking you to chip in $6 or $60 to help us bring the Obama Presidential Center to life in Chicago.

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And this tweet:

-I’m turning 35 tomorrow, I’m asking Obama to donate either 6k, or 60k to pay me back for my tripled health insurance premiums I’ve been paying since 2011.

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-This woman is worth 2.4 million Dollar and ask us to donate for a even more rich man hahahahajjahahahhaha noooooo wtf

-He’s a multi-millionaire who owns a castle in Martha’s Vineyard, and you want US to donate money to HIM? During a pandemic and economic crisis?

A supporter of keeping Jackson Park in the South Side of Chicago instead of ripping it up to put Obama’s library there:

-Please do NOT donate to Obama’s neoliberal plan to gentrify the southside of Chicago and destroy a historic park! He can stay in Martha’s Vineyard!

-How out of touch does one have be to be asking regular working people for money to finance a birthday present for a wealthy man? But that’s how America rolls. The rich beg for money.

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