This is a shocker! RICHARD DREYFUSS was on Tucker Carlson and blew us away with his knowledge of American government! You will be shocked at his comments…

He speaks about how important it is for all Americans to know civics…Who knew Richard Dreyfuss could speak like this?

This interview was so successful that the website for Dreyfuss is having technical difficulties.

The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative has a Facebook page with this message at the top:

Thank you Tucker Carlson and Richard for the interview tonight. Our website was overwhelmed by the interest and repsonse, all within moments of the show. We are on it, and have been working to resolve access issues with our Web Host. Although the traffic remains very heavy. please keep trying. Please also check your individual browser for cookies. It may make the difference. You might also try from this page. We apologize if you are having difficulty or receiving errors.Thank you for your continued patience. Respectfully, TDI’s Volunteer Team

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Yes, the interview is THAT good!

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