Sadly, Donald Trump is no longer accepted as president.

Therefore, frothy leftist chihuahuas need a new chew toy.  And they are truly ravenous.  But, food prices are high, and they have no moderate friends to gnaw on, so the ankle-biters at Amazon have now been forced to eat themselves alive, instead.

Don’t look away, Dear Reader.  This is autocannibalism at its most self-righteous and delicious.

Amazon’s original ‘Smirking Nazi’ app logo (left), Hitler (center), and Amazon’s updated ‘totally not a Nazi anymore’ logo (right)

Amazon has labeled its own app’s logo a Nazi.  And not just any Nazi.  Do you see a resemblance?

Neither do we.

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But, some radical leftists somewhere on the Internet apparently did see Hitler in the blue tape on the box.  Psychologists might call this a Rorschach projection.

Regardless, when radical leftists and globalists run your company, they only listen to other radical leftists.  So, the logo had to go.

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For these people, Hitler is hiding in every shadow, inside every package, and built into every industrial tape dispenser.

Neither Scotch Tape Corporation nor the Biden Administration commented on whether they will be banning the use of serrated edges in the future amid these new revelations.

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