There is an alarming and orchestrated trend against Western values in America.  Most recently, we reported on the open condemnation of “critical thinking” by the New York Times and the teaching by schools throughout the country that using numbers and showing your work in mathematics is a deep sign of white supremacy that should be replaced with “Tik Talk videos” and “cartoons.”  Such beliefs are features–not bugs–of critical race theory.  It seeks to demonize anything that makes Western society strong, including the Western mind:

Excerpt from Page 19 of Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology (2001) that has been taught in many colleges and universities around the country.

To this end, Amazon–the largest bookseller in America by far, has been erasing and banning hundreds and probably thousands of books consistently for several years by authors that do not fit a leftist or globalist ideological mold.  Some you probably would dislike or even hate, while others you might want to read but can no longer.  Recently, a book related to transgenderism that disagreed with Amazon’s position on the matter was removed, exposing a new Orwellian tool in the Amazon policy for banning books:

The Washington Free Beacon Reports:

“Under fire for yanking a conservative book from its online store, Amazon is invoking a new policy banning books that promote “hate speech.”

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The existing content guidelines for books policy was updated in the last few months with the line, “We don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech.”

Who defines hate speech?  Why, Amazon, of course.

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The new policy, which was first reported by Just the News, marks a shift in Amazon’s approach. The company’s content guidelines previously contained no mention of hate speech. In an apparent contradiction, Amazon’s “Seller Central” page on “offensive and controversial materials” currently exempts books from bans on other products that “promote hatred.”

Until about 10 years ago, it was considered a pillar of Western and American rule of law to accept free speech–including books.  Now, within just one generation or two of the advent of wide-spread critical race theory within American universities, modern Democrats (and unscrupulous Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney) now condemn all those who disagree with them as domestic terrorists.  Amazon likely shares the same views, so it is not a stretch, then, to believe that all books from such dissenting voices could soon be labeled hate speech by such people.

“The policy could seemingly be invoked to bar sales of a wide variety of books previously deemed permissible on the platform. Amazon sells between 50 and 80 percent of all physical books in the United States.”

So, the seller of up to 80% of all of America’s physical books is determining for you what is acceptable for you to be allowed to read.  Does this worry you at all?

“Amazon removed Ryan T. Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment sometime before Monday, Feb. 22. Amazon’s removal of the book means that, in addition to not providing the ebook or audiobook, other booksellers on the platform are also banned from selling it.”

So, not only is Amazon banning the sales of books that Big Tech and the government do not sanction, but they are banning all of their independent booksellers from selling it as well.  And, just like every other Big Tech platform, they claim to have magically objective algorithms and human teams to ensure no bias:

“Amazon says it moderates book content using “a combination of machine learning, automation, and dedicated teams of human reviewers. We’ll remove content that does not adhere to these guidelines and promptly investigate any book when notified of potential noncompliance. If we remove a title, we let the author, publisher, or selling partner know and they can appeal our decision.”

Anderson said he repeatedly defends the human dignity of people who think they are transgender in the book and pointed to passages such as, “First and foremost, as we advocate for the truth, we must be careful not to stigmatize those who are suffering.””

And, yet, the decision to ban books that provide myriad scientific and anecdotal data–like When Harry Became Sally–that disagree with Amazon’s world view clearly shows a complete disregard for any sort of objective truth if it questions their positions on subjects.

They say objective standards are employed that allow recourse, but as with all Big Tech platforms, such decisions are ultimately non-negotiable:

“Both the author and the publisher Encounter Books claimed they had not been contacted by Amazon, and that repeated requests for an explanation had gone unanswered. Anderson said he only found out the book had been removed when a prospective buyer alerted him.”

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) said the ban constituted “digital book burning” and that Amazon had also not responded to a request for more information from his office. Reached for comment by the Washington Free Beacon, Amazon directed this reporter to the new book policy.

Online activist Zack Ford, whose campaign against Anderson’s book in 2018 led to the Washington Post publishing and then stealth-editing critiques of the book, claimed victory following news of the book’s ban. “It’s almost like there’s no way you can dress up bigotry to be acceptable!” he tweeted.”

Adolf Hitler’s tract Mein Kampf can currently be ordered on Prime for single-day shipping.

So, Mein Kompf–the book containing the ideology that began the Holocaust and WWII–is currently still an acceptable prime single-day shipping item, but a critique of transgenderism that disagrees with Amazon’s unscientific opinions on the matter is not?

Does this make sense?

We are, of course, not advocating that Amazon remove Mein Kompf regardless of its awful message.  It is imperative that such literature exist and be freely available so people can learn from history rather than fall back into the totalitarian trap into which Amazon has descended.

What we mean to do is highlight the fact that Amazon, like all big tech and government supporters, are duplicitous about their truly corporatist motives.  Amazon’s censorship that doesn’t seem to affect the woke left or anti-American globalists, regardless of how ‘hateful’ or unscientific their language is.

What do you believe their true motives are for censoring free speech?

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