When it comes to making money, many retail outlets seem to be perfectly fine adopting a ‘no shame’ mentality.

Online marketplaces Amazon and Etsy are being accused of doing just that.

Both are facing backlash over what many are calling ‘pro-Hamas’ merchandise.

Critics claim that Amazon and Etsy are selling products that “glorify hatred against Israel and the Jew.”

Etsy was previously selling green headbands that featured a striking resemblance to ones worn by Hamas terrorists.

They have since removed the headbands due to the criticism.

However, they are still selling clothing featuring the slogan ‘Make Israel Palestine Again.’

Over at Amazon, clothing with the slogan ‘From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free’ is still being sold.

Daily Mail has details:

Green headbands resembling those worn by Hamas terrorists which were being sold on Etsy have been removed, MailOnline can reveal.

The distinctive accessory, featuring Arabic writing on a green cloth, caused outrage among Jewish groups and protestors over it’s uncanny likeness to the terrorist groups’ uniform.

Though the writing on the cloth translated to a segment from the Quran, unrelated to Hamas, the headband bore a striking resemblance to that worn by militants who stormed into Israel and committed barbaric atrocities on October 7.

The article continues:

It comes after online giants Amazon and Etsy were criticised for selling Israel ‘hate’ merchandise prior to the Armistice Day protests.

The retail sites were selling products which ‘glorify hatred against Israel and the Jew,’ critics warned.

T-shirts, baseball caps, jumpers and badges bearing the slogan ‘Make Israel Palestine Again’ are still being sold on Etsy – an e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.


Meanwhile, T-shirts and jumpers with the slogan ‘From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free’ are still being touted on Amazon.

In letters to the retailers, UKFLI told Amazon the ‘From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free’ chant is a ‘well-known call for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and has been adopted by those who support the aims of Hamas, to obliterate Israel.’

The Jewish Chronicle has more:

Caroline Turner, director of UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), said: “At a time of rising antisemitism, it is extremely distressing to see these Hamas-style terrorist headbands openly being sold on Etsy.

“Selling the Hamas-style headband on Etsy promotes the illegal activity of wearing Hamas military paraphernalia. There is no reason why these items should remain on sale on Etsy’s website given that they are in breach of [Etsy’s] own policy guidelines and that selling such items and wearing the items in public can be a criminal offence.”

Etsy’s “prohibited items policy” states that the platform has a “zero tolerance policy for prohibited items, particularly those that promote, support or glorify hatred, those that promote, support or glorify violence, or are unlawful”.

Sellers who violate these rules can see their Etsy accounts immediately suspended or terminated.

Many have pointed out the hypocritical nature of these products being sold:

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