After a second straight quarter of negative growth, America has entered a recession… But the Biden administration denies it

By definition, two straight quarters of negative growth marks the start of a recession. America has now seen those two consecutive quarters of economic decline. However, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge this definition of recession.

Seemingly believing that ignoring a problem makes it go away–as they have tried repeatedly with still-persistent issues such as high gas prices and the baby formula shortage–Biden and his foot soldiers deny recession.

From Economic Advisor and “Liberal World Order” advocate Brian Deese…

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…to lying Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre,

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The White House cannot stop lying about the recession that they caused.

On top of mass inflation and negative economic growth, we also see declining real wages, which Brian Deese claims are “solid.”

There is nothing solid about wages dropping while prices rise. That should never happen.

Biden’s reckless spending and general incompetence have caused a recession and massive inflation. Stagflation is rearing its ugly head for the first time since the 1970s.

And the Democrats’ solution? Spend even more money and raise taxes higher–the exact opposite of what most economists recommend for dealing with recession.

And they’d rather redefine what a recession is than actually combat it.

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